7 Most Reliable Web Hosting For Africans in 2022 Updated!

Your company requires web hosting that is reliable, safe, and fast. The perfect hosting company will make it easier to run your website and will enhance the online shopping experience for your clients. Today, we will give you detailed information on the 7 Most Reliable Web Hosting for Africans in 2022.

Although obviously, there are a lot of hosting companies available, we strongly advise choosing quality hosting over cheap and low-cost hosting.

Our “Top Picks” list below is a perfect place to start checking if you’re looking for a web hosting company for a brand-new website or an existing website that needs faster and more reliable web hosting. Our team of hosting specialists has carefully examined each of the providers listed below to be sure that most small-to-medium-sized enterprises will find them to be a perfect match. Check out the specifics of each of these hosting companies to ensure you choose the one that will best satisfy your specific needs. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the 7 Most Reliable Web Hosting For Nigerians in 2022.

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5 Reasons Why a Reliable Web Host Is Important

Good Web Hosting
  • Security
  • Customer Support
  • Reliability
  • Backup of website content
  • Speed


The hosting service provider forms the foundation of website security because that is where all of the site’s files will be kept. A good host will have multiple security measures in place. Website security is very simple to neglect and is frequently not considered until it is too late. Therefore, you should spend money on web hosts with the best security measures to ensure the security of your data.

Customer Support

It is always a bad experience when your website malfunctions or stops functioning altogether. Sometimes you may have made a mistake by modifying the code of your website and putting it offline. But occasionally, your host may also be at fault for this.
You should always have a committed support team by your side if a situation like this occurs. Nothing is worse than having a problem with your website after running an advertisement or sending out an email newsletter. Or another significant sales or marketing strategy that attracts visitors to your website just for it to crash.
Consider the support group as a beacon, assisting in restoring the functionality of your website.


Websites cost you money every minute it’s down if you depend on it to generate leads or sell products. Your website is likely to go offline for a number of reasons.
A trustworthy host makes every effort to prevent hosting-related problems from impacting your website and server vulnerabilities from jeopardizing your security. In addition to making an effort to fix problems, good hosts also make sure that you won’t experience them again in the future.

Backup of Website content

Yes, it very important to note down the fact that file loss does occur. You need to ensure that all of your crucial data is being backed up somewhere in case you ever unintentionally erase a lot of data from your website or experience a hacking issue.
It is usually beneficial to have your website regularly backed up by your web hosting company. However, not every business offers this, so be sure that the web hosting company you sign up for have this option in their plan.


Speed is vital when creating a website that has high conversion rate and is search engine optimized. People will leave your website more quickly than you can say “conversions” if it doesn’t load fast. It’s a well-known fact that Google prioritizes pages that load faster. This ensures an overall smooth user experience for visitors. It’s quite necessary to note it down and to be aware of the fact that google actually likes and ranks fast websites easily.

5 Most Common Types Of Web Hosting

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to what web hosting options are available in the market. They differ in the amount of storage capacity, control, technical knowledge requirements, server speed and reliability. Below are the 5 most common types of web hosting.

  • Shared hosting.
  • Virtual private server (VPS) hosting.
  • Dedicated server hosting.
  • Cloud hosting.
  • Managed hosting.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is suitable for hosting newbie websites and small businesses. Your website will be hosted on the same server as many other websites. The RAM (Random Access Memory) and CPU of the server are shared by all domains with a shared hosting plan (Central Processing Unit). However, because all resources are shared, shared hosting plans are comparatively cheap, which makes them a great choice for website owners who are just starting out.

In most cases, beginners will find shared hosting the simplest method of hosting their website, so regardless of whether you’re a small business owner, a community group, or a stay-at-home mom with a desire to blog, your site will be accessible on the web. Shared hosting plans often come with many helpful tools, such as website builders, WordPress hosting, and the ability to email clients. This plan is ideal for website owners that do not receive a large amount of web traffic.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

The clear difference between a shared server and a dedicated server is a VPS hosting package. For website owners who want more control but don’t absolutely want a dedicated server, VPS hosting is the perfect deal.

Each website hosted on a VPS server has its own space on the server, even if they all share the same physical server. Although VPS hosting gives website owners more customization and storage space, it might still be affected by other websites on the server because it can’t withstand extremely high traffic volumes or surges in usage. This is the ideal plan for advanced users and those that want specific software and package installations.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting gives website owners the most control over the server on which their website is hosted. That’s because the server is exclusively rented by you, and your website is the only one stored on it. This means that you have full root and admin access, so you can control everything from security to the operating system that you run. However, it’s one of the most expensive web hosting options available.

It’s the ideal plan for website owners with a high level of website traffic and those who are in need of complete control of their servers. Of course, it should be noted that a high level of technical expertise is required for the installation and ongoing management and maintenance of the server.

Cloud Hosting

The technology industry’s latest buzzword is cloud hosting. In terms of web hosting, it refers to numerous computers operating together, sharing computing resources to perform programs. It is a hosting solution that utilizes a network and allows businesses to use the computer resource as a utility. Users can use as many resources as necessary without having to create and manage their own computing infrastructure thanks to this. A server problem is less likely to result in downtime because the resources are distributed across numerous servers.

Cloud-based hosting is scalable, meaning your site can grow over time, using as many resources as it requires and while the website owner only pays for what they need.

Managed Hosting

Most hosting packages you will find online are likely to be managed. Hosting businesses offer technical services like patching, monitoring, and hardware and software setup, configuration, maintenance, and hardware replacement. Managed hosting involves the provider managing the hardware, operating systems, and standardized applications on a daily basis. Although there are many alternatives available when it comes to web hosting, the most important thing is to pick a package that meets your demands. Realizing your demands for a website will help you choose the correct plan for you and your business because every plan is tailored to the requirements of various groups.

7 Most Reliable Web Hosting For Africans

The following web hosting companies provide web hosting with cPanel, SSL certificates, domain name registration, email services, and web hosting for WordPress. Each of the following providers has been scrutinized by our team of hosting experts to ensure they will be a great fit for the majority of small-to-mid-sized businesses. Make sure you check out the details of each of these hosting providers to ensure you select the one that will best meet your specific needs.

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  1. Hostinger – Best Outstanding Hosting
  2. Bluehost – Most effective hosting for customer service
  3. DreamHost – Best Shared Hosting
  4. NameCheap – Best Cheap Hosting
  5. WP Engine – Most Reliable Managed WordPress Hosting
  6. GoDaddy – Best VPS Hosting
  7. A2 Hosting – Fastest Hosting Services



Hostinger stands out as the best web hosting for consumers who are on a tight budget, with their lowest plan starting as low as $2.99 per month. Although Hostinger’s plans are incredibly inexpensive, that doesn’t mean they are deficient in any important features. Even the least of their shared hosting package comes with managed auto-updates for WordPress, a free SSL certificate, and SSD storage.
It’s also good to know that Hostinger’s customer support are available via live chat around-the-clock anytime you need assistance with a problem.

Pros & Cons

Considering their prices and features, the benefits of choosing Hostinger are obvious. But one drawback to using this provider is that they don’t offer phone support.

  • Lowest price for a long-term commitment
  • Free SSL certificate
  • No phone support



Bluehost offers lots of professional web hosting services. Their cheapest plans start at $2.75 per month and range up to as high as $13.95 per month for their four website hosting packages: Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro. Their basic plan (cheapest) includes one website, 50GB of storage, and unmetered bandwidth. The other plans all include unlimited storage and websites.

Bluehost supports 99.96% uptime, making it one of the most reliable options on this list. It offers shared, dedicated, VPS, and WordPress hosting with 24/7 customer support via chat and phone, ever ready to help you out with technical issues.

Additionally, Bluehost provides a WordPress-powered drag-and-drop website builder. Access to the WordPress stock image collection is also included with this function, which allows unlimited uploads. The Website Builder plugin and WordPress installation are handled by Bluehost, so setup is quick. When you add the Website Builder, WordPress is completely available to you. Unlike other website builders, who force you to use only their platforms and tools, this access is unrestricted.

Pros & Cons

Bluehost offers competitive pricing for the first term and plenty of storage, and its uptime numbers are typically higher than many competitors. Renewal rates might be higher, though, and you have to pay extra for a lot of features that are included in some competitor packages.

  • Competitive rates for first-time users
  • Unlimited storage for most plans
  • Excellent uptime
  • Renewal rates might be higher than expected



DreamHost is renowned for offering alternatives that satisfy the requirements of a variety of consumers. With more than 25 years of expertise in the web hosting industry, the company provides solutions for shared, VPS, WordPress, dedicated, and cloud web hosting. Its plans come with one free domain name as well as website builders, database backups, and SSL certificates. WordPress hosting, website building, or website hosting services from DreamHost starts at $2.59 per month; VPS hosting costs $10 per month; cloud hosting costs $0.0075 per hour, and dedicated hosting costs $169 per month.

One noteable fact about DreamHost is that 24/7 phone and live chat support are provided. There is a user forum and a knowledge base already available for DIY troubleshooting. Unmetered bandwidth and a 99.90% uptime are available from DreamHost. For additional fees, customers can also access web design, hosting for WooCommerce, and WordPress migration services.

Pros & Cons

DreamHost offers web design tools better than average industry uptimes make it a great choice for web hosting. But, customers don’t have access to cPanel, which might be a disadvantage for more advanced site managers.

  • Plenty of web building options
  • Friendly customer service
  • Excellent uptimes
  • Lack of cPanel



Although Namecheap is best known for selling domains, it also offers affordable web hosting services. The company lives up to its name – the low-entry plan tier starts at as little as $1.58 per month and you get a free website domain and the ability to host three websites. 

The renewal prices are also minimal – just two times higher than the original price. That means, for instance, if you choose the entry-level plan (Stellar Plan), you’ll pay $21.88 for the first year and $42.88 to renew the contract. Namecheap displays the renewal rates in a small disclaimer right below the “Get Started” button, so no surprises when renewing your plan. 

The storage capacity for the most basic shared hosting plan is 20GB SSD, unmetered bandwidth, free CDN, and free SSL certificate. Namecheap also offers a free website builder with 200+ templates to choose from, drag-and-drop interface, and a responsive design, which makes Namecheap user-friendly. 

The service of Namecheap is lower compared to that of its rivals. For example, the shared hosting plan can only handle 100GB of file uploads; therefore, if you need to upload larger files, you should select Hostinger, which focuses on performance. Similar to Hostinger, Namecheap provides just live chat and email assistance; there is no phone customer care available.

Pros & Cons

Namecheap offers affordable plans with minimal renewal rates, and it’s user-friendly. The main downside is that the shared hosting plan can only handle 100GB of file uploads.

  • Most affordable with low renewal rates
  • Free domain name
  • User friendly
  • Fast customer services
  • High renewal cost

WP Engine

WP Engine is an excellent hosting option for WordPress users. With their most basic plan, StartUp Managed Hosting, you get 10 GB storage, 50 GB bandwidth, daily backups, free automated migrations, 30+ premium WordPress themes, and 24/7 support for one site.

Also, this provider partners with some of the biggest names in tech, such as Google and Amazon, to offer truly exceptional performance for their users.

Pros & Cons

WP Engine’s performance is optimized for the WordPress platform, and they offer plenty of features that are useful to WordPress users as well. Their starting price is relatively high compared to other providers, though.

  • Exceptional performance and features for WordPress users
  • Best-in-class technology partners
  • Relatively high starting price



While they are best known for their domain registration services, GoDaddy also offers a variety of high-quality web hosting services and plans. For one website, their entry-level shared hosting plan offers 10 GB of storage and unrestricted bandwidth. Additionally, a year of free domain registration and Office 365 email are included.

Plans for premium shared hosting include more storage, support and unlimited number of websites, and comes with extra services like free premium DNS and a free SSL certificate. You should look at GoDaddy’s VPS and dedicated server options if your website receives too much traffic for a shared hosting plan to handle. GoDaddy also provides unique WordPress-specific plans.

Pros & Cons

From affordable shared hosting plans to top-of-the-line dedicated servers, GoDaddy truly offers something for everyone. The only downside is that, ideally, their money-back guarantee would be longer than 30 days.

  • Feature-rich shared hosting plans
  • Powerful hosting options for enterprise users
  • Money-back guarantee only 30 days

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a Better Business Bureau-accredited company offering a range of hosting packages. Prices start at $2.99 per month for shared hosting, and the company also offers reselling, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated server hosting.

The cost of monthly web hosting includes one free domain, an SSL certificate, database backups, and website builder. Customers have access to live chat, contact us forms, and phone assistance for technical concerns around-the-clock. For self-serve troubleshooting, A2 Hosting also has a comprehensive online resources section. Users’ stability is enhanced by unlimited bandwidth, a 99.84 percent uptime rate, and free site migration, which makes switching to this provider simple. Users who are unhappy with their hosting can get their money back at any moment from A2 Hosting. The service works with OpenCart, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and Magento.

Pros & Cons

A2 Hosting offers a fast loadup time to help combat bounce rates, and it specializes in WordPress hosting with cPanel or Plesk control panels. Users also get support for a variety of development tools. Be aware, though, that pricing that starts at $2.99 a month is a potentially temporary discount, so future renewals might cost more.

  • Unlimited bandwidths and storage
  • Helpful customer service
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Long-term commitments
  • Pricing is not as affordable as some competitors

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Reliable web hosting is crucial for your small business if you intend to establish a presence online. Having the appropriate allocation of resources will allow your website to continue to load faster and consistently for visitors. Consider how many companies today run primarily online; their website serves as a source of both leads and sales.

Potential clients won’t hang around if a website has an issue, such as one that takes too long to load or doesn’t exist at all. They will leave that website in search of another one that works smoothly and can effortlessly provide what they are looking for.