Top 10 Business Ideas For Nigerians To Make Money From In 2022

Would you like to learn Top 10 Business Ideas For Nigerians? You have an intention of starting a business for yourself, but confused as to what kind of business you should start. This article has provided you with some of the top and best business ideas in Nigeria.

Starting a business in Nigeria has lots of challenges, ranging from; capital, location, business ideas, and your market demand.

Usually, starting a business begins with an idea. Once you think the idea is good enough to build a profitable business with, then the next step is to develop your business idea into a viable business plan.

What you basically need in starting a business includes;

1. Conduct market research

2. Find a Business Idea

3. Conduct Market Research

4. Write your business plan

5. Find Funding for your business

6. Choose your business name

7. Pick your business location

8. Register your business

9, Apply for licenses

10. Open a business bank account

Top 10 Business Ideas For Nigerians

1. Snail Farming

Snail Farming

People don’t know much about raising snails, and they mistakenly believe that because they are small, they can’t generate much wealth.

They are unaware that, if you start with 50 snails, you may make a lot of money by selling them to hotels or restaurants that serve snails after they are fully grown.

Here’s where it gets interesting; A snail may lay up to 500 eggs, so if you start out with 50 snails and they eventually produce 400 eggs each, you will be able to sell 20,000 snails.

You can now make one million naira by selling 20,000 snails to purchasers for perhaps no less than 50 naira each. Any you should note that you won’t have to spend more than 100,000 naira to train and feed them

2. Rice Farming

Rice Farm

People continue to belittle the richness we already possess. Nigeria’s top two rice-producing states are Ebonyi and Kebbi, but we still import rice.

Anyone can choose to start their own business by purchasing the processed rice from rice mills in the states of Ebonyi or Kebbi, packaging it with their own eye-catching packaging, and selling it to customers. It can also be exported to other countries.


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3. Mobile Fruit Juice Production

Mobile Fruit Juice Production
Fruit Juice

People are unaware that preparing fruit juice has recently become simpler and better. You may create your own fruit juice naturally and expand your business by using few chemicals and additives. You’ll get patronized by people. 

Even if you want to produce fruit juice without making it portable or a natural juice, you may still compete for market share rather than letting the few major players monopolize the market.

4. Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Doing a cleaning job is another trending business especially in Lagos and Abuja. It is not populated; you can venture into the business and make your way in it.

5. Garri Production

Garri Product

People may have forgotten that this is one those business that does not require any advertising to sell. People eat Eba every day at homes, eateries, and restaurants.

Its almost guaranteed that if you produce garri in large quantities, and turn it into business, you will ne amazed at how much profits you will be making on a daily bases.

6. Mobile Car Wash

Mobile Car Wash

A lot of people don’t known yet about this new style of a car wash, as you can take your business anywhere you want it and wash the cars of your customers. All you need is to get the car wash vehicle kit which contains all the necessary equipment used in washing a car.

7. Online Advertisement Agency

Obviously one of the best ways to go about an advertisement is to do it online, as almost 80% of Nigerians use social media every day.

So anybody who can take up the challenge of starting up an online agency will gain a lot of business customers. Be creative in your thinking to survive in this business.

8. Event Planning Company

Event Planning Company

Events need a lot of planning in order to be successful. Event planners are limited to a few numbers of individuals. If you can get together a team that is dedicated to the planning of events, you will build a company from scratch to be a big business.


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9. Home Tutoring

Home Tutoring

If you consider offering your services to various homes which need extra tutor classes for their kids. You can get paid handsomely well if you are good at what you teach and if they notice positive changes in their kid’s performance, you can have a raise in payment.

10. Dog Breeding

Pet Breeding
Dog Breeding

The best pet anyone can have is a dog, and people love to get new puppies and raise them till they are grown, while you can start with a few mature dogs, train them and when they mate and give birth, you can sell the puppies.

In highbrow areas, a Rottweiler puppy costs about 250,000. Imagine having about 6 puppies, which will give you about a 1.5million naira on the sale of the puppies.

There are countless other business ideas in Nigeria, but the above are some of the best. There’s no excuse to start earning today, but make sure you make research on whatever you finally decide on what to do. Take advantage of this information.